What Next After Graduation? – Infographic

So you’ve just graduated from University or College. Know what your plan is next? Whether you’ve got your nine to five all planned out or you’ve not yet discovered the post-graduate options available to you, turning those “what are you doing after graduation” questions into reality doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds and don’t panic if you have no idea yet what your next step is just yet.

Whichever industry and career path you’re looking to make your mark in, there are quite a few different routes you can take to get there to enhance your employability on the way and to help you land that dream job. Whether you’re itching to travel before starting a career or you want to get stuck into full-time work as soon as possible, the below infographic by Essay Writing Service UK outlines some key advice on choosing your next path and the options available, as well as what each of those options might entail.

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In terms of launching your career path, you could be lucky to land a full-time job that relates to your degree straight off, but there are other options to get there such as working abroad, interning or carrying out work placement to enhance your experience, part-time work, or even postgraduate study to further your knowledge of a chosen subject. Whichever route you decide to take, you should be aware of your employability and understand that your personal profile can make or break any job application.

Improving your employability can come in many different forms. The below infographic showcases some of the key tools which you should be using and which will help you stand out from other applicants. These include your resume/CV, your online presence within a booming digital world, as well as some extra considerations you should be aware of. So whether you’ve already started the job application process or you need some pointers on where to start (even if you’re looking at going travelling, you still need a plan for when you get back), the infographic below covers the basics on what you need to kick start your application into the world of working and start climbing up the career ladder.

Life After Graduation

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