Travel Your Way To Your First Job- Infographic

Travelling the world is an exciting prospect for many school leavers before they embark on their chosen career path, but taking time off before starting employment doesn’t look favourable on your CV. However, you can use your travels and adventures to your advantage on your CV.

This piece offers tips and hints on how you can enhance your CV by adding new skills you’ve learnt while travelling. Communication skills, problem solving and handling a budget are all things that you’ll have to accomplish when in a foreign country, and these can give a boost to your CV.

This piece looks at many of the experiences you can include on your CV. We’ve also suggested volunteering and tips on how to earn money to pay hotel or hostel bills, which can also be used on your CV.

Take a look at the infographic below from Euro Hotels and see how you can take time off to travel the world and still be employable when you get back and how it can be useful for your career.

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how travel can benefit your career- infographic

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