8 WORST Career Mistakes You are Making [And how to stop them]

Career is one of the most important aspects in anybody’s life. However it is commonly seen that a lot of people make career blunders without even knowing. So, if you wish to excel in your domain then never compromise on the career front. You will surely regret the career mistakes at some point of time or the other. Here you will get a complete idea about the worst career mistakes that you might be making and the right way to stop such blunder. So, stay tuned as the best information is about to be discussed.

The WORST Career Mistakes

These are the worst career mistakes that may ruin your present and future –

1. Not updating the skills

In every job there is a requirement of certain skills. With changing times things tend to get different and thus, there is a necessity to update the skills. If you are not willing to update your skills then you will remain stuck where you are. You can explore different options like training, short term courses, practical courses etc. to stay in touch with the latest industry trends. Skill development process will give you immense satisfaction and you may also get a promotion really soon.

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2. Remaining satisfied on the monetary front

You might have become so satisfied with your daily work routine that you may skip the idea of a monetary raise. If you are a valuable person for the company then your organization must pay what you actually deserve. If you feel that you are underpaid, there is no harm in asking your boss for a monetary appraisal. You can also look for better paying jobs or organizations where you could get better returns. Read more about it here.

3. Not paying attention to your networking skills

After getting a job many people get so busy in their lives that they fail to pay attention to their networking skills. Don’t commit this mistake. Always stay in touch with your friends, alumni, previous recruiters, co-workers etc. These sources can help you in an amazing manner on the career front. They can provide you really good information about better opportunities and you can also consult them when you are facing a career crisis or confusion.

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4. Not taking professional help

Sometimes you may feel that the present job is not meant for you, you are in the wrong career or how to explore the other dimensions of the same segment etc.  The confusions may be so persistent that you may be unable to focus on the present day activities. During such time never refuse professional help. There are amazing career counselors who can solve all your doubts in a single go. Thus, professional help might do wonders for you.

5. Switching jobs too frequently

Frequent job hopping is not a good idea. It will create a bad impression in the mind of recruiter and will depict your shifting behavior. Choose an organization after comprehensive research and then work there for at least a sufficient period of time to gain some sort of credibility. If you are shifting jobs just for the sake of money then remember that experience is more important than money. Once you will have enough experience then money will automatically start flowing in.

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6. Not keeping a resume that reflects your brand value

Most of us fall into the trap of famous saying, “one piece of paper can’t decide my future!”. Well, unfortunately, it can and it does. Resume is your first point of contact with your potential employer and if you are going wrong here, there is no second chance. Not proofreading your resume, copying your resume, lying in the resume, etc are some mistakes very common between all of us. But what we don’t know is the severity of these mistakes. So instead of just forwarding your old-gold resume, look for our online free resume maker tool. Here you can get amazing resume templates to get yourself noticed in the eyes of recruiters.

 7. Disrespecting the people around you

If you have the habit of disrespecting your bosses, shouting at your juniors and spreading stories about others then you can land in a serious trouble. What you will do to others will return to you some or the other day. People will begin to dislike you and they may also become a big career hurdle for you. Always respect others, listen to other’s opinions, respect your bosses and behave politely with your juniors. Great work may be forgotten but a great individual is never.

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 8. Quitting the job without analyzing

Sometimes there can be issues like low self esteem, disputes with the bosses, stringent work targets, work-life imbalance or any other reason due to which you may wish to quit your job. But it is advisable that never quit the job without analyzing. Every work will come with certain challenges and thus, you must learn how to deal with difficult situations. See what all alternatives are available if you quit the job. If you are getting better opportunity then you can think about quitting. But if you are just quitting because of a temporary phase of disturbance then it’s not a good idea.

So, avoid these worst career mistakes and follow the advice that has been shared here. It is guaranteed that you will reach new heights of success.

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