10 Biggest Interview Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Job interview is so important because it offers a chance for organizations and job candidates to learn if they might fit well together. Candidates generally go into interviews hoping to prove that they have the mindset and qualifications to perform the job in question. But the biggest question is what you should not do when interviewing?

10 Biggest Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here is the list of top 10 biggest interview mistakes and errors that a candidate can make. Take a look at these lists so that mistakes if you wanted to get hired and these blunders could not sabotage your desired job when facing an interview.

1. Inappropriate Dress

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It’s very important to look professional and polished at the job. Your complete attire defines you, and thus, you should be wearing something that matches the position. You can wear business casual attire for a non-professional job. It matters a lot when you are well-dressed, and it makes a great impact, no matter what the company.

2. Arriving late

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As we all know that a first impression is very important in landing a job. But if you arrive late, you would fail to make a good impression. Running late means you have poor time management skills. It also shows a lack of respect for the company and the position you have applied for.

3. Bringing drinks with you

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Bringing a drink with you during the interview is a big no-no. It’s very unprofessional to enter an interview with a drink in hand. During the interview, you should be focused on answering questions, maintaining eye contact and making a good impression. Having a drink with you just creates distraction, and thus, one should avoid this.

4. Using your phone during the interview

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Before you enter the company campus for the interview, silence your phone. Texting during the interview is a really rude thing and quite disruptive. It shows that getting the job is not of your interest, so don’t even answer your calls during the interview process.

5. Not knowing about the company

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Make a point to research the company before going for the interview. If you don’t know anything regarding the company background, history or its achievements, it means that you are not a good candidate. So, try to browse their websites and read the “About Us” section to know the details.


6. Fuzzy resume facts

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Don’t try to add any kind of fuzzy resume facts to your resume (Must Read: 5 Main Reasons – Why You Didn’t Get Hired). The more honest you are, the better you can discuss your qualifications at the interview, and you can also be confident.  So, try to be truthful, and this will help you a lot. 

7. Not paying attention

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It leaves a bad impression when you get distracted and miss a question. If you feel that your attention is slipping away, make effort to stay engaged. Try to manage eye contact and talk with the interviewer.

8. Talking too much

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There is nothing worse than talking too much during the interview process. The interviewer is not interested in knowing about your life history. So, answer questions to the point and try to be focused. Don’t ever get sidetracked and start talking about things regarding your personal life.

9. Not being prepared to answer questions

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Your interviewer will surely ask you about technical things and other related things apart from the basic questions.(Must Read: Successful and Disastrous Answers for Behavioral Interview Questions) Thus, you should be prepared to answer all the questions. If you are not prepared, it means you are not the suitable candidate for the position or you are not interested in the job.

10. Badmouthing past employers

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You should not make the mistake of badmouthing regarding your past boss or other colleagues. Speaking negatively about any person leaves a bad impression and shows that you’re judgmental. Thus, you should avoid badmouthing past employers. Instead of this, try to be focused on other things that can help you in getting a job.

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