How to Get a Job in Industry after Your PhD

For the last couple of years, you’ve been grinding and working away in your chosen university for your well-earned PhD. You’ve toiled over textbook over textbook, and you’ve written hundreds of thousands of words in the aim of achieving the degree you’ve worked so hard to get. Then, all of a sudden, its graduation day, and then it’s gone, and now you’re left feeling stuck. After all, a few years of routine and habit can be hard to break.

The reality sets in and you realise it’s time to get a job. To give you a helping hand, we’ll be exploring how you can achieve just that. However, we’re not just talking about getting a job in your local supermarket.

Here are some handy tips about putting that Ph.D. degree to good use after getting a job in industry.

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It’s Your Life

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Now that you’re free from the constraints of education, you really are free to do what you want. You have already spent years in academia, and you may be looking for the quickest way out into a career role which is a bit more physical or hands-on.

On the other hand, the realms of academia may have been your calling, and you’ve truly found what you love.

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Frankie Mann, an educator, explains, “Self-reflection is one of the greatest keys to success. Your qualified PhD proves a lot more than just your academic skill level. It proves your ability to learn, your communication skills and your dedicated work ethic. There are countless industries that will appreciate these values, so I recommend that you take your time in choosing what you want to do next.”

Become Part of the Community

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Whatever subject you have completed your PhD in, there are endless conferences that you can attend. This may have been difficult in university as you had to focus on lectures and assignments as well as completing your own research but now you have the time.

Get your face and your name out there in front of the people that could be offering you a perspective job and career.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of job hunting, now more than ever. The same can be said for industry events. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll have.

Refine your Resume

Update your resume

Or your CV. No matter what job you’re applying for, a potential recruiter will want to see your CV. There are endless ways you can edit and redefine your CV, so it gives your recruiter the impression you want it to give.

There are endless tips available online for perfecting your CV. As a brief guideline, ensure to include your greatest achievements first as this is the first thing potential recruiters will look at. Likewise, ensure your CV is direct and straight to the point.

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A good way to achieve this is using online tools such as This will enable you to track how many words you are using per paragraph, ensuring you stay on track with your writing. Aim for 100 words per paragraph (per point).

Creating a Brand

Brand Marketing Concept

As an independent researcher with a PhD, you should start viewing yourself as a business that offers services. This means marketing yourself, both on and offline. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody that you’re not.

The best way to achieve this is by focusing on your strengths and then considering what the best way to present these strengths to someone is.

Ida Lopez, a physics PhD, continues, “Use social media networks and the incredibly easy-to-use tools that are available online for setting up your own blog or website. Not only will this help you to develop your personal brand, but it’ll also dramatically increase your chances of developing connections with like-minded individuals from the industry you’re interested in entering.”

Freelance to Build Your CV

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If there are no opportunities available in your industry, don’t fret. Through online channels, there are wealth of websites where you can put your PhD to good use while getting paid for it.

Sites like these are full of students and educators that are looking for help on their PhDs and will happily pay for advice, lessons and completed written assignments. This can help you to grow your network, meet new people and add more industry related experience to your CV.

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