10 Most Potential Trending Jobs For 2016- Infographic

If you are looking for a job change in 2016 or planning to kick start your career, here is a list of top 10 trending jobs that will witness highest demand across sectors. The information will help you take a decision for your future career. If you are interested you may also join a relevant course to make yourself suitable for a position ahead of the interview. However, before you take a step ahead assess your aptitude and qualification. Go ahead only if you feel ready to take on the challenges that are part of your chosen profession.

Trending jobs for 2016

1. Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are health educators and provide health information to families and patients. Their role range from directing patient care to case management and also developing quality assurance procedures. They conduct clinical research and are also involved in teaching nursing programs. Registered nurses also instruct patients on how to take proper care and maintain and improve their health.

Salary and Future Demand

Registered Nurses in the US earn an average of $68,910 annually. A job for registered nurses is expected to grow by 19% until 2022. This projected growth is faster than average. Greater emphasis on preventive care and growth in people diagnosed with chronic diseases with spurt this growth.

2. Marketing Managers

If you are convinced in buying the latest pair of glares or the latest gizmo in the market, then somewhere behind the advertising campaign the marketing manager has played an important role. In today’s world of consumerism, marketing manager plays a crucial role in helping to sell a product across all platforms. Marketing managers are responsible for making items tailor made for specific customers.

Salary and Future Demand

Marketing manager employment growth is pegged at 12.7 percent between 2012 and 2022 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best-paid marketing managers in the field can make $187,199 per year.

3. Software Developer

Software developers create and modify computer programs and software. They develop software solutions and modify as per client use. Job market for software developers have further increased with the rise in demand for new mobile applications.

Salary and Future Demand

A research firm has projected that the IT jobs in the USA will increase by 22% till 2020. A software developer earns on an average $98,880 to $117,460 depending upon the area of specialization and industry.

4. Medical and Health Service Managers

Health service managers are in charge of the overall administrative function of the hospital. Most of the health managers have a background in business administration and collaborate with physicians to create business strategies for better functioning. A degree in health sciences or related filed is essential to work as a health service manager.

Salary and Future Demand

As the healthcare industry as a whole is projected to see good growth, jobs for medical and health services managers is slated to grow by up to 23% between 2012 to 2022. Average salary for medical and health services managers is $101,340.

5. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

The world comes to a standstill, if the network or computer stops working even for a minute. The person in demand here is the network and computer systems administrator. Whether private or government or non-governmental organisation, work cannot be done without the systems in place. System administrators also play a crucial role in cyber security of the office. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is essential.

Salary and Future Demand

Job opportunities for network and computer systems administrators is slated to grow by 12% till 2022. A system administrator can earn $72,560 per year.

6. Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering is a specialized job and requires specific skills. They apply science, mathematics and engineering methods for complex integration. They are involved in systematic designing, planning and quality control and problem solving. They work in production systems and information systems.

Salary and Future Demand

The projected growth of 5% from 2012 to 2022 for industrial engineers is slower than the average. The occupation is both challenging and intriguing for those who have the aptitude. Annual wage of industrial engineers is $78,860.

7. Web Developer

Web developer or web designer creates and designs websites. Today, whether it is a small or a large business, one needs to have a website to increase its reach. Though candidates with bachelor’s degree get good jobs, but one with an associate degree can expect a job at the entry level as well. Understanding of programming languages and graphics is required.

Salary and Future Demand

This is one of the hottest profession right now as the job market for web developers is expected to grow by 20% in the coming years. $63,160 is the annual salary that one can expect as a web developer.

8. Pharmacist

Much in demand profession, pharmacist is one profession where you get a lot of love from people. Pharmacist not only dispense medicines, but check for any possible reactions with other prescribed medicines and also help you understand the doctor’s prescription. They supervise pharmacy technicians and also coordinate with insurance companies. One needs to enroll in a Pharm D program to become a registered pharmacist.

Salary and Future Demand

Employment opportunities for a pharmacists is slated to grow by 14% from 2012 to 2022. Average salary for a pharmacist is $119,280 annually.

9. Financial Manager

Whether big or a small company – having a good financial health is extremely important. A financial manager provides financial support and advice, produce and analyse financial reports and develop financial goals for the company. If you have a specialized degree in finance, chances of landing a job is much faster than those who just have a bachelor’s degree.

Salary and Future Demand

Job opportunities for financial managers will grow by 8.9 percent until 2022.  Average salary for a financial manager is around $112,700.

10. Human Resource Manager

No matter what the size of the organisation is, a human resource manager is an integral part of a company. Human resource manager is responsible for recruiting, keeping track of the personnel needs and analyzing employee profiles. They also analyse training needs of all the departments and arrange for the same. Human Resource Managers help in resolving internal disputes and also manage wages and salaries. A management degree with specialization in Human Resources is essential.

Salary and Future Demand

Jobs for HR managers is slated to grow by 13% from 2012 to 2022. Average salary of HR managers is $99,720 per year.

hottest jobs for 2016

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