Tips to Attract Genuine Part-time Employees

Work culture across professions is a constantly evolving thing – the more flexible and accepting of change an employer is, the more likely she is to attract high quality people to work with her. Currently, the scenario is turning towards flexible hours, work from home options and part-time work.

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Numerous Job Seekers Would Prefer Part-Time Work Schedules if They Had the Choice
From the most sophisticated jobs like medical to simple jobs like waiting tables, many workers find it more comfortable to work part-time. Some do it in order to accommodate education or a second job, others for the pleasure of a more relaxed lifestyle.

A Profitable Deal for Employers
From an employer’s perspective too, a part-time working employee base makes great economic sense. Part-time employees have a higher turnover rate than full-time ones; with part-time workers, you are often exempted from providing benefits that are mandatory for full-time ones. Their hourly efficiency, too, is often higher. For jobs that can accommodate part-time schedules, it is a good idea to hire shift workers.

Some Tips to Successful Part-time Hiring:


1. Not All Jobs are Fit for a Flexible Working Hour Schedule
While the benefits of employing part-time workers are high, not all jobs are suited to such schedules. Some roles are best handled by single full-time workers. Carefully analyze the responsibilities, see if it they would fit into a part-time schedule; if yes, would you need professionals to work in shifts?

wrok part time2. Post them on the Right Platforms
Choose quality over quantity. Post your jobs on relevant listing sites where most part-time job seekers are. Regular spots where a greater number of people see your post would not be as effective as specialized search portals for flexible and part-time work.

3. Create Substantial Job Descriptions
Even if the hours are few, part-time work is not frivolous! Put in the same amount of thought and time into creating part-time job descriptions as you would in the regular ones. To attract suitable talent, you need to be specific in mentioning what you seek. Put in as many details as possible about the role, timings and expectations.

4. Carve Career Paths and Allow Part-time Workers a Fair Growth
Part-time work is no longer the prerogative of students and supplementary income seekers. Even those who want a serious growing career are entering into the force that works fewer hours per day. As an employer, you need to recognize talent, devotion and aspirations of this class of workers, and give them fair opportunities to progress in their careers. Posting a tentative career growth path on your job post itself, or letting people know about it during interviews is a good idea.

5. Request Your Current Employees to Help in the Hiring Process
Your current employees know your company well, they know the kind of employees that would gel best with your working style, and can therefore help you find suitable new employees. Seek their referrals in your hiring process – it will quicken the process.

Embrace this new trend that allows people the flexibility to live the life they choose to live, and you’ll attract a surprisingly good work force. Moreover, the economics would work in your favor. So open your mind to new avenues and get for your company the best talent!

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  • liked all of your points , i have to say something sometimes it also happens that the employer post job on social media without any descriptions like place salary exact skills etc