7 Attractive Resume Writing Tips for Freshers and Students

Normally while taking a glance at the topic many questions arises amongst the youth. Few amongst those would be, Why do we write a resume? How can anyone judge me through my resume? Well, answer to these questions is simple. Your resume is the first and foremost tool for any interview or job. Any interviewer won’t know you by your name or achievements, Now here is where your resume works in your favor, making the interviewer familiar to you. Again you’re not being judged by your resume. It’s just a document to get a basic idea about the interviewee.

Fresher Interview

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As your resume is the foremost tool to present yourself, it should be precise, short yet informative and properly presented. Also, the format of the resume should be user friendly and more on skilled based. Resume shouldn’t be too long or too short. Let’s have a look at some of the key points for resume writing.

Cover/ Reference Letter

Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter is considered to be the skin of a resume and so it should be neat & tidy. It includes address and contact information of the interviewee.
  • State the position you’re applying for and why your good match for it. Detailed description about your qualification and a brief explanation of your experience with specific examples of your skills. Lastly, close your letter with a note which makes you stand from the rest applicants.



  • Salutation in the covering letter is must and again it leaves a good impression on the reader.
  • Wherever possible write the name of the interviewer. For eg. Instead of writing Dear Sir/ Madam you can write Dear Mr. White.
  • Again, if you opt for writing the name, be sure about the spelling as it leaves great impact over the reader(you don’t want to spell his/her name incorrectly).
  • Do take care of the start and the end. If you’re starting with Respected Sir your ending should be yours Sincerely and if you’re starting with Dear Sir your ending should be Yours Faithfully.

Summary Statement

Agenda as Summary statement

  • A summary Statement is very important piece of information as it helps the interviewer to determine whether to go or not to go through the resume.
  • It should be short, yet informative and convincing mentioning about your abilities and skill sets.

Personal Qualities

Personal Qualities

  • Here one has to determine his/her own abilities and enlightened technical/professional or any other skills. For eg. I have good communication skills or I possess good leadership skills.
  • Basically, you have to determine the qualities you’re efficient at. Again some of these qualities should be co-related with the job requirements.


Academic qualities

  • Mention your academic achievements.
  • If you have been an exceptional student or achieved any position or honor, mention those in detail showcasing your talent and skills.
  • Usually, a tabulated form of academic achievements is preferred which gives a clear picture to the interviewer of your background. However, you can also adopt a timeline format where you can mention in a chronological manner about your studies.


Expertise Meaning

  • If you have ever been working as an intern or a part timer then you can mention job profile and your experience here.
  • Again you should determine the name of the organization as a reference and the time period for which you had been working as an intern or a part timer.
  • It is advisable to mention about your previous experiences in a detailed manner, giving the interviewer an overall idea of your past work.


Playing guitar

  • Many candidates do not mention this section in their resumes. However, it does not hurt to mention about your hobbies and activities that you like.
  • Mentioning them would help the interviewer to know more about you and your interests.

A candidate must always remember that, information provided in the resume should be complete, precise and correct. After all, first impression can be your last impression!

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  • Good points! This document must be well arranged so that it provides maximum data at a glance. Resume speaks precisely of the qualification, academic and professional and focuses on the interest area of the candidate.

    • Thank you so much @tressie_william for the comment. Such comments encourages us to share more useful contents.

  • Atul Wadhai

    I totally agree with the above kind of presentation. I feel specially while framing the CV, the skills should be highlighted more in order to attract recruiters. you can also use a technical resume for more.

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