Ten Commandments of a Monday Mornings at Workplace

After a hectic weekend filled with household chores, socializing and partying, Monday morning appears dreadful for most. However, if you are a true professional you ought to take Monday mornings seriously.

Monday at workplace

At any workplace, Monday mornings are the most crucial part of the week. They set the pace, tenor and mood of the week to come. Here we give you Ten Commandments of making a great Monday morning which will help you achieve a successful week ahead.

1. Start your day early
Try sleeping early on a Sunday night to wake up early on Monday. Rejuvenate you body and soul will a session of exercise and meditation. It is also important to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. This will help to generate positive thoughts and energize you to complete pending tasks.

2. Look happy
Dress well and be in a pleasant mood on a Monday morning. Don’t let any bad experience of the weekend show on your attire or your expression. Smiling and dressing well will set a lot of things right. On the other hand, if you dress shabbily and show a long face, you may develop lethargy at work as well, which will worsen your day at work.

3. Reach early
Leave home early to avoid traffic and parking hassles. Reaching early to workplace also give you time to prepare yourself for the upcoming meeting or tackle the unexpected news or issues that may crop up.

4. Organize your desk
While this should ideally be done on a Friday evening, but if you could not manage it then you should do it first thing on a Monday morning. Organize your files, your desk as well as your desktop. A clutter-free work place will allow you to manage your day well.

5. Scan your emails
Screen you inbox to check urgent messages. Do not let funny mails and inspirational quotes to eat up your vital time. Organize your mail box by following the management mantra of “Do it, Dump it or Delegate it”. This will help you be more organized.

6. Be polite
When replying your emails, make sure they are friendly while being precise. Do not let the shroud of your busy or stressed out morning be obvious in your mail. Make sure your mails are polite and positive by rendering a personal touch.

7. Prioritize
On a typical Monday morning there will be many things from meetings to calls and emails that will yearn for your attention. You have to set your priorities right to keep your day organized.

8. Say “no” as well
Your friends and colleagues may also be looking for your time or favors. You should learn to say a polite “no” to them to give justice to your professional life.

9. Take time to meet and greet your boss and colleagues
Rub your positive energy on to your coworkers. Greet them with a smile and take time out to build a rapport with them. Just say a warm ‘Hi’ personally or over a call or IM. Talk to them for a while if you have the time. Make sure to listen more than you speak. This will help you learn a lot of things about them personally as well as professionally.

10. Don’t rush up things
You may want to work out a lot of things on Monday but make sure you do them to perfection. Rushing things while committing mistakes may irritate your bosses and call for a re-work. So, give tasks their due attention and time. Besides, it may be wise to settle a few things later in the week as some developments may happen during the week which might warrant a change of strategy.

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