Side Hustle Ideas (And How to Keep Your Main Hustle)

If ever you’re looking for a great book on career growth, you should definitely read Chris Guillebeau’s Born For This.

In his book, he mentioned the importance of having a side hustle – which he defined as “a means of earning money apart from your job” – and not putting all your eggs in one basket.

On top of that, he shared the four broad types of hustles you can choose from:

1. Sell something
2. Provide a consulting service
3. Become a middleman
4. Join the sharing economy as a provider

I won’t explain or give more details about these because it’s better if you read it. Trust me, you will learn a lot of ideas from Chris Guillebeau’s book.

In case you’re worried about how you might not pull off maintaining hustles with quality and results in the long run, keep calm and don’t worry. You simply have to focus about the present and think of your day job or main hustle as a helping factor to your side hustle.

Don’t get what I mean? Kelly Hoey, author of “Build Your Dream Network” and one of Forbes 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship, will explain it to you in this infographic made with Visme.

Happy Hustling!

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How to Growth Hack a Side Project When You've Got a Full-Time Job

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