Why Do Recruiters Dislike You – Part 1

A recruiter’s life is a busy one. They keep getting endless quantities of resumes in their email. They get frustrated by sorting them and finding the right candidate. They have spent many years reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Though, they have a good amount of tolerance, they do get frustrated and irritated at times. Below are the few things that make them dislike you. Avoid these things if you want to be on their list.

Angry Recruiter

1. You Have an Incomplete Resume:

There is nothing more troublesome than this; recruiters get many incomplete resumes routinely. Recruiters face a lot of problems when they find an incomplete resume, they have to contact the candidate and retrieve the details before submitting them to companies. They find resumes and cover letters without contact information, this makes them go crazy. If you want to get the job, make sure you mention your contact details separately on the resume and the cover letter.

2. You Take Them for Granted:

You as a candidate take recruiters for granted and this should not be done. If you are doing it, stop right now. Don’t avoid their specific requests, consider them. If they mentioned you need to submit your portfolio in a particular format, do it. Don’t send them it in another format. They have a reason behind telling you this. Make sure you listen to them and follow their rules. You need to pay attention to what they say and ask in order gain employment.

3. You Reapply Even After Rejection:

Once you have applied and been rejected by the recruiters, it’s done! Close the story right there. But this really doesn’t happen. You apply again, even after reading “previous candidates need not apply”. They have to check what you send, identify you and throw you out again. You are just wasting everyone’s precious time, including yours.

4. You Don’t Deliver What You Say:

If you really cannot deliver what you say, it is better not to speak it. There is nothing worse than to back out after giving your word. Just make sure not to make fake promises if you aren’t sure about fulfilling them. Recruiters are not the real boss and they have to provide answers to their hiring managers. Be straightforward and tell them upright.

5. You Lie:

When you lie, you spoil everything. If they ask you about your police records, tell them the truth honestly. Soon a lie will be discovered and it will be your last day at the job. It is better to avoid such problems and not waste each other’s time. If you lie and get caught, they will never hire you. So make sure you save your precious time and energy.

Recruiters like to hear from pertinent applicants, but there are ways of applying and reaching them. Make sure you follow the golden rules and don’t make them dislike you.

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