6 Reasons Why Should Teenagers Start Working Earlier- Infographic

After school jobs are very important to teens for their growth and development. Nowadays, many parents are urging their teenage children to get a job as soon as they finish their schooling. There are many benefits of a teenager having a job apart from earning money and becoming independent. Teenage years are a time of transition and doing a job at this stage, helps teens to polish their skills and set their future goals.

Below are 6 main reasons why teens should start working early to be responsible person for his/her own career in future:

teenagers on work

1. They become responsible:

Responsibility doesn’t come suddenly and is earned in due time. All teens need to be responsible some time in their life. They should be responsible for their own deeds and actions. When teens are doing a job, they learn to be responsible faster. Parents don’t need to put extra effort into making them learn this skill. Thus, teenage jobs teach teenagers to be responsible at an early age before they become adults.

2. Polish their skills:

Every child is gifted with one or more skills. These skills can be polished by taking a part time or summer job. Teens can learn a lot from such jobs and polish their skills and talents. There are many things which cannot be learned in school. They require life experience. Part time jobs for teens help them to learn new skills and develop their talents. By doing job, teens can easily learn to handle cash, take care of customers and other allotted tasks.

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3. Understand the value of money:

Normally teens end up spending a lot of money earned by their parents. To put a full stop to this state, parents should make their teens understand the value of money. This can be done with the help of teenage jobs. By doing a part-time job, teens understand the term money and learn to manage theirs. They even get involved in saving and helping their parents and siblings. Thus, teenage jobs help teens to understand the value and importance of money and learn the money management tactics.

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6 Reasons why teenagers start working earlier- Infographic

4. Add experience to a resume:

A working teenager has many things to add to his or her resume for when he becomes an adult and starts searching for a full time job after his college graduation. Employers may easily pick them because they are hard working and are an inspiration to other members as well. Thus, having a job as a teenager has many benefits with one being added experience on a resume.

5. Get to know the real world:

When teens start doing their job, they get to know the real world. They learn to recognize people who are fake, who cheat, and friends who dump girlfriends or boyfriends and are really selfish. They get to taste the bitterness of the real world and start accepting it. During this phase, teens grow up and learn a lot on their own. They learn how to pay their bills, comb their hair, look professional and take care of their health.

6. They become financially independent:

When teenagers become financially independent, they gain a sense of satisfaction and confidence. It helps them in building up their self-esteem and teaches the value of hard-earned money. Getting paychecks regularly is also a fun thing; they don’t have to take pocket money from their parents. They can now pay their own food bills, shop for a wardrobe and get their own car. Thus, they become financially independent and can now live on their own life.

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  • Deborah Swaitkewich

    Since most kids over 16 are working already, I assume you are speaking of kids from 12 to 16. With unemployment being so high, so many people can’t find jobs in their field and are competing for lower paying jobs. In a lot of places where younger teens are allowed to work, their minimum wage is less than the minimum wage for adults and older teens. The last thing we need is a cheap child labor pool for employers to take advantage of.

  • Mckenzie M

    I’m going to have to disagree with Deborah above. I know many teenagers who do not have jobs and focus more on school and sports. Kids who are 16 and under should not be looking for employment and most employers would not hire them to begin with because they have to rely on others for rides. I think it’s important for kids under 16 to build a good work ethic by doing chores around the house or in the yard. They can also dog-sit/house-sit/baby-sit for their neighborhood. It’s good to teach these skills at a younger age so when these teens finally can drive they can go into an interview with experience and references to make them more desirable to hire.

    • Jason Paskowitz

      Agreed. The basic premises in this article are based upon outdated ideas, outright falsehoods, and sweeping generalizations. It’s basically a glorified, ‘in my day, kids weren’t so spoiled like today…’ rant.

      Responsibility for kids comes in lots of different forms, whether it’s taking care of a pet, honoring one’s commitments to volunteer work, or doing work around the house. Also, I disagree that post-college employers would be impressed automatically by junior high after school jobs. I didn’t even put my high school jobs on my resume, and I can’t imagine a hiring manager for a post-college job is going to be impressed with a paper route.

      Perhaps most importantly, adolescent/junior high school years are ones during which a lot of personal and physical growth takes place. Adding the stress of a job makes an already stressful time that much worse. Finally, why does the author automatically assume that the only jobs one can get at that age are ones that involve “helping customers”? It already makes the assumption that the only jobs available, and the only jobs worth having, are in retail.

  • I couldn’t agree more with all six of the reasons teens need to start working early. Both my teens started jobs at 15 or 16. They were very involved in school and athletics and couldn’t work many hours but even working a little was beneficial. Establishing a good work ethic and managing money are HUGE priorities that will teach them valuable life lessons. I cannot imagine sending a kid to college who had never worked before. It teaches them time management, too.