How to Get Better Job and Make More Money

It is human nature to want more and better things in life. So, why shouldn’t this extend to your job? Finding a better job with a higher salary can seem like a difficult mountain to scale, but if you use some of the following mentioned tips, you will meet success all round.

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Get a Compelling Resume

Compelling Resume

Before you begin your quest to find a better job, take a second look at your resume. In all probability, it looks like any other resume that the interviewer gets. If your resume does not stand out in a crowd, it won’t get the attention it deserves. Just changing the font and font color can often do the trick, but try and be a little more creative by using online tools to make your resume look extraordinary.

Begin Networking

Networking with People

The best jobs with high salaries do not often advertise on job sites. These jobs are reserved for deserving candidates who come through referrals. So, get your networking going, both offline and online. Tap your alumni and social networking groups to portray yourself in the best light and make yourself the most sought-after candidate.

Look at the Company and Not the Job

Company & departments

Most of us yearn for a job that pays well and also one that we enjoy. However, if the environment is not conducive, even the best job can fall flat. So, when you begin searching for a job, look for companies that have a record of outstanding employer-employee relationship. It doesn’t mean you have to work for a Fortune500 company that offers its employees great benefits. Rather your search should expand to companies that interest you and where you feel you would be happy with the perks and benefits accorded.

Turn Extraneous Experience to Relevant

Expert Novice

When changing jobs for a better work environment and salary, you may have an obstacle – you don’t have the necessary experience for the job. Don’t let this hurdle stop you, as you can always turn your past experience into something meaningful during the interview. This said, don’t lie. Instead, think out-of-the-box to list down the related experience you have. For instance, if you want to change your line of work and turn into a designer, look for ways to be more creative. You can make your graphs and presentations more attractive. Or, you can create posters and flyers for your company. Then use these as examples to showcase your creative streak and get hired at the new workplace!

Give Examples of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

When heading for an interview, forget those general statements like I am neat, organized and meticulous. These are cliches that everyone comes up with and interviewers never believe them. Use examples to showcase your strengths and make sure the examples come from a real situation, preferably with your job. Also, instead of rattling out your so-called weaknesses, try to convert them into strengths.

Do Your Homework

Do practice

Before heading for an interview, sit down and research as much as you can about the company. This will let you see how your skills and knowledge can fit into the goals of the company. Also, get a friend to conduct mock interviews to help get comfortable answering commonplace questions that most interviewers ask. This will help you answer such questions intelligently without sounding dishonest or patronizing.

Negotiate Your Benefits Smartly

Negotiate Your Benefits

If you’re offered the job, don’t rush and agree to the benefits and perks the company offers right away. Instead, fix an appointment to discuss the benefits while letting the company know that you have other job offers. This will put you at an advantage and will give you an idea how much you can negotiate and also whether the amount being offered is within your expectations.

These are some simple and innovative tips to get you a better job and help you make more money. Ultimately, it all depends on you and these tips are just what you need to get ahead of the competition.

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