How to Make Your Boss Your BFF?

Employees normally prefer to keep a safe distance from their boss. They believe that a boss is always a boss! It’s difficult to get them to join your friendship circle. This is not always true. Your boss can be your best friend, if you extend your hand.

Below are few tips to how to bond with your boss and make him/her your friend.

Develop Friendship with Your Boss

How to proceed? The first thing you need to do is to gain your boss’ confidence. He/She should feel that you are a great person both professionally and personally.

Meet them outside work: According to the law of attraction – like attracts like. If you and your boss have a similar nature, hobby or attitude, you will find it easy to bond with them. If you want to be a friend to your boss, know their hobbies and the places they visit. Try to meet them at these places, and you will connect soon. Engaging your boss outside the workplaces is really nice to build a good relationship with them, and this will be based on a personal level and not professional one.

Inquire about small things: Grab the moments worth talking with your boss and inquire about small things. Mention his favorite things, and let him talk about them. He/She will enjoy your company. Just make sure you approach naturally. Don’t interfere in his personal matters. Just be on the safer side and try to come close with him/her.

Have lunch or break with your boss: Try to be with your boss during lunch or break times. You can adjust your lunch timing accordingly, this will help you to spend more time with your boss. You can behave as if it happened accidentally. This really works, just try it.

Don’t gossip about your co-workers: It may happen that your boss wants to gossip with you about co-workers. Don’t let this happen; don’t show interest in those topics, and your boss will understand easily. If you gossip about your co-workers, you will be in an uncomfortable zone and really won’t appreciate it later on.

Speak at the right time: You can talk with your boss about anything you would like to share. Just speak it at the right time. This is an important factor to consider. Don’t irritate your boss by discussing something at the wrong moment. If you really want to talk about something personal, you need to check his/her mood first or else you may be the victim of a bad day. Thus, direct your conversation accordingly and talk politely.

Get Feedback: If you really want to be friends with your boss, get his/her feedback. This is necessary to develop a good personal and professional relationship with. Ask for suggestion and value them; your boss will like this and will come closer to you.

Understand that nothing is personal: You need to practice this to develop a healthy relationship with your boss. If your boss scolds you for not getting the work done, don’t take it personally. It is his job to remind you, and you should not feel bad about it. Grow a thick skin and value his/her decision; this will make things work.

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