How to Conduct Job Hunting While Unemployed Vs When Employed

Searching for a job while still employed and searching for one when you are unemployed are two different things altogether. When you already have a job, you do not have pressure to opt for just about any job that comes your way. There are no worries about unpaid credit card bills and mortgage. You can afford to be choosy with your job selection. However, the key is finding a good and suitable job without endangering your current job.

Job Hunting While Unemployed Vs When Employed

On the other hand, when you do not have a job and you are searching for one, you may feel desperate with the mounting bills and a fear that the gap between your jobs on your resume is growing. But this does not mean that you settle for anything. If you have a little patience, develop your skills further and network with the right people, you should be back on the employment boat within no time.

Job Search While Unemployed

The first and foremost thing is not to come across as desperate. If you are unemployed, do not go around telling that to people. Yes, life may be tough at the moment, but things will eventually pan out. Use this break to improve and enhance your skills, so that your chances of employment increase. Speak to your mentor or professional networking group about opportunities, but do not bombard every day.

Check out job boards and advertisements and send out your resume, but do not rely just on these to find a job. Also, contact headhunters, who work for different companies. Leave your resume with them. To cover the gap, take up some form of voluntary work. If your application is rejected constantly, it is time to head back to the drawing board as there is a problem with your resume. Rework it to give it more clarity and punch. Do not get into a cocoon because you are unemployed. You are not – you are between jobs. Get your LinkedIn profile in order and become an active participant in groups you are members of. Try to offer meaningful suggestions and post great articles. You will be amazed how many employers find their ideal employees through LinkedIn.

Job Search While Employed

Just because you are looking to change your job, it does not mean that you announce it to the world, especially your coworkers and colleagues. That is one of the fastest routes to unemployment! Do not be obvious that you have started hunting for a new job. Work sincerely and diligently in your current workplace. In fact, you should be looking to excel, so that your employer gives a glowing review to your future or prospective employer.

Keep your professional profile online on sites like LinkedIn up-to-date. Make it a point never to speak ill about your current place of employment, as it can come across as disloyal. When you are employed, you are likely to get offers, as many employers are more comfortable hiring people already employed than hiring those without a job. So make it a point to sort through the offers you get, select the best ones and then attend the interview. Be sure to make it clear during the interview that you are already employed and would like to keep this discussion confidential.

Yes, there is a difference between searching for a job while employed and unemployed. Both follow different paths, but ultimately lead to the same end result – finding the right job. If you make an effort, you will get the job you want, but never bad mouth your employer or come across as desperate for a job.

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