“Professional Etiquette” How Should Women Dress at Work for Success

Dressing for Work – Then and Now

Dressing for work has always been a challenge for most women, if we take into consideration the fact that our everyday work attire needs to represent us and still be professional. This is the reason why most women choose being comfortable, instead of being willing to show superiority or rigor by dressing professionally at work. The dilemma hasn’t always been present in women’s life.

How Should Women Dress for Work

Most specialists in the fashion industry notice an evolution of the way women used to dress then and how they choose to dress now. This difference stirs from the fact that in the past, women were putting more focus on wearing clothes that would bring them closer to men’s attire. No longer than 10 years ago, a woman’s attire for work would mainly consist of suits and clear-cut shirts that would emphasize the gamine beauty and elegance of a woman.

As years passed and women began making their presence known in various business and industries, they adopted a new approach on the way they dress for everyday work. Their choice to go for comfortable clothes, which can give them freedom and still express what they really are, has its origins from a more acute presence of style and liberty in woman’s life. Moreover, modern society pictures women as being always on the go, flexible and adaptable, which requires them to have clothes in which they can move at ease and be themselves at work.

How Work Can Influence Your Way to Dress

Several years ago, when women made themselves more noticeable into tech industry, their style and sense of fashion changed drastically. Instead of adopting official and clear cuts, they went for loose clothes, that can allow the benefit of moving around and being as comfortable as possible. The same goes for women whose job involves travelling or meeting new people, as they need to be rather professional, in order to make a good first impression.

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For women that choose being stewardesses, their work attire involves wearing a professional suit, specific for each air-line company. Depending on the job, you can personalize your style and clothes, in order to be on the same page with the company’s environment. Even though your clothes need to be representative of who you are, you still need to keep in mind some etiquette rules. These will contribute to, on top of your performance, contour a pleasant picture of yourself at work, in relationship to your peers and friends.

3 Etiquette Tips on How to Dress for Work

Keeping these tips in mind will help you express better and look professional. This will also give you more self-confidence and build your self-esteem, so make sure you always keep them in mind:

  • If the company you work for has a certain dress-code, then it is recommended you follow it as closely as possible. In order to understand the dynamics of a dress-code inside a company, make sure you notice the way your colleagues dress; is there a difference between the way they dress for meetings and the way the dress during normal days at work? Do they dress differently on a Friday? Getting a hold of that might help you understand how to fit in and mix your style with your colleagues’.
  • Less is more. In this case, this applies to perfumes, as some people tend to use it more than it’s necessary. It is not recommended to wear perfume which others can feel from a mile away, so make sure you stay classy and use as little as possible.
  • Taking care of your feet and nails is essential if you choose to go for open-toe shoes. It does not have to be something extravagant or in-fashion, as you can opt for a clean pedicure at work. Taking care of the way you look in public is an important business card for every woman. Also, make sure you always have a pair of flat shoes with you, for the days where you want to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

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All in all, either if you go for a simple dress or jeans and a casual shirt, it is important that you feel comfortable with yourself. Going to meeting or having a more official job might influence your style, as you might have to dress more elegantly. However, it is essential that you stay true to your own style and to always showing a clean image to the others. As they say, fashion comes and goes, but style never gets old.

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