Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networking Sites for Job Search

Social networking is used beyond connecting with friends and family. Various social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can help people in finding their new job. Nowadays, your online image in any social networking services is becoming very crucial. Your image is just as important as your customized resume and cover letter is. Make sure you know how to operate social networking technology leveraging it to your advantage. Get involved in learning new things and becoming a social networking expert. Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using social networking sites for job research.

Pros and Cons of Social Networking for Job Search

Pros of Social Networking for the Job Search

The “3C’s” are very important to the job search process. Connect, communicate and collaborate. Finding jobs, connecting, communicating, and collaborating with successful individuals is a rising phenomenon of online professionals. The face of recruitment is changing and hiring managers are the first ones to peep into the social networking profiles in an effort to locate the best candidate.

Reach a Wide Network

Through social media, you can easily reach a wide network of people. Just tweet or post on Facebook that you are in the market for a job. This will automatically notify hundreds of people. Your friends and colleagues in your network have their own network and they can pass on your message.

Employers and Recruiters Info

People in search of a job can get an array of benefits from social networking sites. They can get the employers and recruiters info from their social networking profiles. The job seekers can then get to know all the professional and personal details of the recruiters, and this information can prove to be helpful during the course of the interview. Participation itself can help professionals and business people link up with one another. LinkedIn has captured both the status and numbers in the professional and business markets.

Help in marketing yourself

Through social media, you can market yourself effectively. Sites such as LinkedIn, Apps on and Facebook allow you to show off your educational details, skills, work history and awards. All of these things can help you easily get noticed by potential employers.

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Cons of Social Networking for Job Search

Online Networking is a very effective tool that cannot be ignored in the progressively, hyper competitive job market. However, listed below are a few of its demerits:

Networking exhaustion

Nowadays, net-workers have grown tired of what once was really new and exciting. The big problem lies in signing up with every social media site and quickly growing tired of all the time they are spending on them. Keeping the accounts updated is also a big issue and matter of concern for them.

User Frustration

Aggregation is very important for the user. It means combining and forming a comprehensive whole from the respective info. Many sites aggregate content and making it simple for the job seekers to search for any specific job. There is no such aggregator for social networking sites and thus users face a lot of frustration.

Damaging Your Current Employment Status

If you are presently employed, then posting for a job search might harm your current employment status. If the company that you are currently working for learns of your job search, your job might be at risk. It questions your commitment to your current position and employer.

Every company is not on Social Media

It’s really true that all big companies are using social media in this age. But, there are still lots of smaller companies that are not properly leveraging social media networks, or they may choose to find the best candidate outside of the social media circles. Thus, you might not be able to connect to these companies if you use social media for job searches.

We all know the fact that an online presence can increase the visibility in the job market, but it can also kill the chance of getting a job. Your network is a reflection of yourself, and therefore you must be choosy in keeping your network filled with people that you are proud to be in company with.

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