10 Creepiest Types of Toxic Boss People Hates

Here we list ten types of toxic boss personalities that are despised the most than other people. If you are a boss, analyze which category you fall in and understand why your subordinates may be hating you.

1. The Micro-Managing Boss

Micro-Managing Boss

Reminds me of when I was a little girl and the school teacher taught me how to add numbers: this one is hell bent on directing every micro detail of what you do and how you do.

2. The Boss that Never Sleeps

Constant Working Boss

So what if it’s a Sunday, so what if it’s your own wedding, so what if it’s past midnight and you’re not exactly getting paid to work in a night shift, this one won’t hesitate to throw work and queries at any place, time or occasion.

3. The Plain Jane Loving Boss

flirty boss

The one that takes pride in everything plain and boring! For, if you dress smartly to work, how could you ever be efficient at what you do? And of course, the shabby girl gets brownie points for all she does (and not does).

4. The Boss that Wasn’t Meant to be Boss

Dumb boss - 4

He knows very little, does very little, appears idle and sometimes downright foolish. Whoever promoted him to occupy that big chamber?

5. The Robotic Boss

Robotic Boss

Working under him is perpetually stressful; if not so much for the work pressure, then for the poker demeanour she puts up. She’s the perfect robotic species known to have zero emotions and expressions.

6. The Always-on-Leave Jealousy Inducing Boss

 Jealousy Inducing Boss

He takes the liberty to holiday four times a year while the others long for a very basic festival leave. Are we jealous of him? Well, indeed, to the level of outright hatred!

7. The Perfectionista

Perfectionista Boss

I remember someone saying, “The world would be a happier place were all the perfectionists to vanish”. Oh, how much you understand the statement when your boss turns out to be one such specimen obsessed with perfectionism. Why torture us mere mortals with surreal demands, dear King of Perfection-land?

8. The Boss who slips over every Peel of Flattery

Flattery sleeper boss

Flatter him and you shall become his favourite kid, no matter how pathetic you are at your work. A sincere advice to all you genuine, hard-working fellas out there: invest in some “how to flatter a boss” lessons instead of honing your skills, if you want to thrive under the reign of one such boss!

9. The Intimidating Boss

Intimidating Boss

The air about him is such that it’s difficult for us regular folks to approach her. Have a thing for affable bosses? – You are going to have a time of your life dealing with this one.

10. The Anti-Love Boss

Anti-Love Boss

He hates his subordinates to be the slightest bit romantically involved. With the kind of theories he states, we are sure Saint Valentine rolls in his grave!

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