The Most Harsh Things Spoken by Bad Bosses

Managers are seen as mentors and guides who are responsible for molding employees as future managers and executives. Hence when managers use wrong or harsh phrases and words, it is devastating for an employee – obliterating his self-confidence, motivation and morale. And, the strangest part is, these managers do not stop. They continue saying wrong things over and over again without realizing the impact it is having on the employee.

Bad boss shouting on an employee

Here are some harsh and mean words that some unfortunate employees have to hear and bear during their career.

1) “It is your luck you are getting a bonus this year.”

A good manager realizes that it is the hard work of his employees that allows him to meet his department targets and goals. Hence, does not grudge when employees get a bonus. On the other hand, a bad manager tries to make an employee feel indebted and grateful by making such a statement. He wants the employee to feel as though the manager was instrumental in dispersing bonus to the employees.

2) “Consider it your luck that you have a job.”

This is one of the favorite statements made by bad manager. Usually, managers who utter sentences like this usually have an issue themselves and take it out on employees. They are unable to cope with problems within their departments or cannot take feedback in a constructive manner. Typically, such managers are inept.

3) “None of the other employees have a problem.”

When an employee provides feedback to a manager about the manager’s working style, it should be taken with the aim of improving oneself. A bad manager will not be open to positive criticism and will make such a statement when the truth of the matter is most employees are too afraid to speak out their mind.

4) “Figure out the solution yourself.”

It goes without saying that certain issues have to be proactively handled by employees rather than being spoon-fed by their superiors. However, when a manager uses this sentence, he basically is distancing himself from being a guide and mentor to the employee. If a manager feels an employee should be able to resolve a problem on his own, it can be put in a different way by guiding the employee to some resources. By asking an employee to figure out something without any concrete instruction is not just being inept, but also unkind and mean.

5) “That’s a stupid idea.”

Not every idea given by an employee can be brilliant or exceptional. But if a manager is renowned for putting down employees and insulting them, the last thing such a manager can expect is a fantastic idea. Coming up with an outstanding idea involves brainstorming and tossing good and bad ideas and good managers are aware of this. So they will never insult or shoot down ideas, be it good or bad.

There is definitely no dearth of bad managers and their ridiculous statements that are offending and derisive. If you are at the receiving end, rather than get demoralized and upset, remember the manager is inept and the problem lies with him and not you.

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