The Top 10 Benefits of a Software Development Degree- Infographic

A software development degree can be very beneficial to students because it is applicable to many different jobs in a large number of industries across the world. We interact with software daily, in various aspects of our lives. Software not only makes work and day-to-day life more convenient, but it also improves communication with one another. With an ever increasing demand for new and improved technology, those with software development degrees have become increasingly important to new innovation. The future looks exceedingly bright for software development degree holders with the current job outlook within the industry slated to grow up to 17% by 2024 and with over 91% of developers currently being employed.

Software development is an integral part of today’s society. Not only do software developers help create and influence new technologies, but they can also provide instruction on their application.

The below infographic, created by aryville University’s Online Master of Science in Software Development (MSSD) program, illustrates what makes a software development degree holder unique and the future benefits that come from having a degree in software development.

Top 10 Benefits of a Degree Holder in Software Development Infographic

Maryville University

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