Tips to Consider When Planning for a Career Change at 45

Career change is surely a scary thought as it involves a lot of risk from every other end you can imagine or think off. The fact that career change is a phase where either you win, or you lose everything; is one of the many reasons why most of us don’t even bother to alter our daily schedule and that is, understandable. Career change can also be scary because of the abundance of frightening myth coming to you from various sources thus confusing you right away.

Making a career change at 45

When looking forward to a career change, it is strongly advised that the decisions should come from within and not driven by others opinion and thoughts. Is what you are doing right now feels mind-numbing to you? Or you lack motivation? Now those are perfect reasons on why you need to sign off from your present job and start chasing your dreams.

Thinking of a career change when you are in your 30s is a good thought as it is a stage where you can try several things without the fear of losing anything. But, what if the idea for a career change pops up into your mind when you are in your 40s? An age when all your friends are well settled. Do this thought scares you?

A friend of mine, Alicia, was never satisfied with her 9-5 schedule thus she decided to start her own business at the age of 42. Today she is the owner of a company which provides CDR Writing Services to engineers. She earns decent at the end of the day but more importantly she is happy with what she is doing today. Undoubtedly, it was a tough decision at that point in time but the fact that her risks have paid off today matters the most.

Still scared?

Well, you need to calm your woes as it’s never too late to try something new in life. All you need is a clear path and with right decisions to work on. On the other side you can take Forex trading course, it can help you to create wealth that allows you financial stability at this age. Thus, if you are thinking about switching career paths at the 40s considering these steps might help you.

Flush down the negativity from your mind

A demon named negativity could easily distract you from your goals if you don’t find a way to chase it away.  To get the right ideas pumping, you need to clear your mind and free up space for those to brew up, and this could be done when your mind is in your control and doesn’t get influenced by what others think of you.

The fact that you are in your 40s and high on experience about how things work is a lead you can make use off. You can learn from your past experiences, and clashes and then formulate better ideas further.

Are you scared of change?

This is important. Fear is a strong motivator but could also get you stuck if not handled with care. The fear of failure, regret or criticism are some of the many hurdles which will come your way and all these needs to be tackled.

Changing career means you must have to build new resources, new relationships, develop required skills, and adjust to a whole new environment which could be hard if you are not comfortable with change.

You need to remember that, anyone who has ever done something worth in their life has been afraid at first. The only reason why they are successful is that they did not let the fear of change occupy their mind. Thus, let not fear of change stop you.

How will career change affect your Lifestyle

The goal of every other well-dressed person going out to work is earning a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family, and this is something which should not be compromised. Thus, before landing on any decision make sure it does not harm any of your family commitments and priorities even if you are financially stable for now.

You need to understand that your family directly or indirectly gets affected by every decision you make. Thus, sit back and do consult with them beforehand. They are the one who have been with you for all these years and thus they will have the best advice stacked for you, undoubtedly.

Make sure the reason is not dumb

Planning a career change will be useless if the reason behind such sounds foolish or irrelevant. You may not love the vibe of the place you work at, but that is not an appropriate reason to quit. People often think that career change will solve all their problems which is nowhere happening as a new career will also become old with time.

Although a 40-year-old will have strong facts supporting his/her idea of career change still reviewing them won’t do any harm.

Once you decide, do not quit

Success comes to those who work smart. Once all your plans look good on paper, do not hesitate in making a move for a change. It takes courage to leave a job and the securities it offers, but once you have decided to move on this thought should not cross your mind.

Better things do not brew up instantly. You need to nurture them with every passing day. Hence, even if things go wrong, as sometimes they will; don’t let your mind doubt or judge the decisions you made earlier. They sounded great at one time, right?

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