Complete- Karma Management for Better Leadership (Guest Post)

Your workplace needs to be a safe haven for your employees. When they are in a place where they feel comfortable and motivated to work, they will be more productive. As an employer, you are also responsible for the well-being of your employees. How they are and what happens to them clearly reflects what’s going to happen to your company. This is called leadership karma.

Karma Management for Better Leadership

What Goes Around Comes Around

Karma as you know it is the effect of what you have done in the past. Each person has his own karma, and though there are “negative” karmic cycles, the final outcome is directed towards the improvement of the person involved. However, karma in business works in a bit tricky way. While you can rely on things happening as they are, as taught in spiritualism and religion, you can’t just wait for karma to hit your business.

In this light, your employees form the core of your karmic cycle. Because you are part of one organization, you are expected to work together towards a single goal. Suffice to say, the goal must benefit everybody.

But if the goal is one-way and only benefits you and those in higher offices, then you can be sure that your leadership karma is skewed and might affect your company in the long run.

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Suppose you didn’t give your employees the salary that they deserve or that you have been deducting too much of their salaries yet they do not receive any incentives for a job well done. Your employees will get demotivated and they would soon get tired of working for you. They could do either of these options: protest against the injustice at work, or resign from their post, both of which could damage your reputation and weaken the company’s manpower.

How to Be a Better Leader

The key is to manage karma. Be their angel, their guide. Instead of torturing them and subjecting them to a pile of workloads and making them work like robots, give them something to root for. An incentive for perfect attendance or a perfect record on punctuality, perhaps? You can also give bonuses during special holidays.

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Another problem in the workplace is the relationship between boss and employee. If you have employees who are quite problematic, don’t lash out on them. You are just inviting bad karma by insulting or naming them something derogatory. A better karmic management reflects this: you show your employees what respect means, and they will respect you back. While there will always be “black sheep” in a company, there will always be a legal and more appropriate way to deal with them, rather than being cruel.

True leadership is seen if you don’t have malice in your heart. As long as you care sincerely for your employees, you will always inspire someone in your group. Moreover, you can motivate them to become better at their jobs. You can talk to them personally and praise them when they have done a good job. Wise words will always earn you good karma.

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