7 Tips to Make Sure You Impress Your Recruiter on Job Interview

Getting a well-paid job is not easy nowadays. The job market is expanding quickly. The unemployment rate has decreased to 4.6% in the United States, the lowest since 2007. Employers evaluate candidates attentively, and require that all of the prospective employees meet their company’s requirements. Therefore, candidates must possess strong resumes and powerful cover letters in order to get the best jobs present on the market.

7 Tips to Make Sure You Impress Your Recruiter on Job Interview

Looking out for help is a smart thing to do, so I am really glad that you are reading this. You can make your recruiter’s job easier and have a better chance of getting hired by meeting all of his or her requirements. Recruiters like organized CVs and carefully written cover letters. Here is a list of things you should have in mind while preparing your resume to impress recruiter.

1. Keep it Brief, Simple, and Organized

In order to make your recruit and whoever is reading your resume happy, keep it objective and very organized. It would be a pain in the bum for them to search for information everywhere. It takes a lot of time, and your resume is not the only one that’s being evaluated that day. Your recruiter is probably evaluating hundreds of applications during an 8h work day. So, make his jobs easier, will you?
Use a lot of bullet points and keywords. Within those, explain why you will add something valuable to the company. For example, if looking for a management position, instead of developing on all management position duties you had at antecedent companies, simply include how you excelled previously. If a sentence is too long, or your resume is more than one page, your recruiter will not bother looking through it all. So, keep it brief and only highlight the important parts!

2. Include Contact Details

Although this should be common sense, a lot of people forget to include their contact details in their resumes. That shows carelessness and loses the interest of your recruiter. List your name, phone number, and social media address in a designated spot on the resume. You should usually include this at the top of the page. Doing so will keep your CV organized.

It is not in your recruiter’s interest to find your contact details. If he won’t, he will just start reading the next resume and forget about yours, even though your qualities might fit better for that position.

3. Explain Why You Want the Job

Even though you might include this in your cover letter as well, explaining why you are interested in the job will add a plus to your application. You should give an opening in your resume – in that opening, make sure you include the reason. It is essential that they know what made you want the job.

Do not use a one-size-fits-all type of resume. Every company has different requirements for each position, so they will notice if your resume’s details don’t match their demands. In your opening, also include the reason why you are applying for the position to that specific company. Why did you choose them? How did they stand out for you? Be concise and to the point; do not exceed 150 words!

4. Brag About Your Accomplishments

In order to impress your future employer, you need to brag about your previous experience. Make sure you are specific, and give out numbers. Tell them how well you did, and use a lot of action verbs for that. For example, instead of writing “worked as a sales manager for X company for 5 years, motivated and trained salesmen,” say “gained serious leadership experience while managing a sales department; brought $100k for the company in the first quarter of the year.”

Play up your accomplishment, and do not be too modest. It is essential that they know your background results; there is nobody else better than you who can offer detailed information about your work experience. You are the one who should do it.

P.S. – Do not exaggerate. Using lines such as “the best at leading a sales team” is bothering to the eye, and even though it might be true, it won’t bring you bonus points.

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How you can impress recruiter?

5. Include Relevant Experience

Underline your previous results that help you get hired for the current position. As I was highlighting before, avoid using a one-size-fits-all resume format. Search for the company’s requirements, and connect the dots – what qualities that you’ve developed until now will help you get this job? Is there anything specific that you’d like to include?

Brainstorm ideas and create a draft before releasing the final resume. Use a Spider diagram to lay out your skills. Emphasize the former tasks that are likely to occur in the position that you are applying for.

6. Be Consistent

Make sure you are organizing your resume in such way that it is easy to follow. As I’ve mentioned before, your recruiter will not have time to look for your info all over the place. Be consistent in the way you format your resume – if you started with your job history, do not include other pieces of information within that section. Also, if you use bold for emphasizing the first 5 titles and subtitles, then bold the last 5 as well. Show your reader where you are going to start another chapter of the resume. Be clear!

If your CV will be inconsistent, it is going to look negligent – and is that really what you want your recruiter to think about you?

7. Check Twice for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Talking about negligence, grammar and spelling mistakes are going to look bad on you as well. Even if most recruiters spend a brief period of time scanning your resume, you never know what they are going to read. If your content is full of typos, you will make a bad first impression. You might even make them move on to the next person because of that.

It is always a great idea to ask other people to review your content. They might see mistakes that escape your eye. Self-edit before handing it in to your friend or colleague. Use the second opinion to your benefit, and then press send!

Wrapping Up

It is important to have a good resume in order to get an amazing job. Recruiters care a lot about your first impression. If your resume is good enough, you most likely going to be invited for an interview, which is one step closer to getting the job. Good luck!

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