6 Keys to Writing a Perfect Android Developer Resume

Your resume is the first impression you make with a hiring manager, and you don’t get a second chance. You can be a highly skilled and experienced Android developer, but without a solid resume your chances of being hired are low. The good news is that by following these six steps you can write a great Android developer resume.

Get your basic components done right, start with a good summary, highlight your best features, mention your accomplishments, utilize keywords, and use writing and editing tools to write a resume that will stand out to hiring managers.

6 Keys to Writing a Great Android Developer Resume


Start with the basic elements for your resume. These are minor, but important, things that need to be in place for you to be considered. A resume for an experienced Android developer should be two pages long; if you have less than 10 years experience, then one page is fine. You can use a basic resume format, nothing specific is required. Make sure your contact info is at the very top of the page. Keep it looking organized by clearly demarcating sections with a horizontal line or something similar.

A good summary

Your summary is your chance to make a good first impression, so don’t underestimate its importance or add it in as an afterthought. This is where you need to grab the reader’s attention and give them a quick run-down of your skills and experience with android developing. You also want to tell the hiring manager why you’re interested in the position; tell them something you like about the position or the company.

Highlight your best features first

When you’re listing your experience it’s tempting to list your past positions in chronological order. Don’t worry about putting things in order, instead place your most relevant and impressive experience at the top. As with your summary, it’s all about putting your best stuff in a prominent position where the hiring manager will see it first.

When you’re writing your resume’s skills section, follow the same formula and lead with your best. Remember that as an Android developer you will want to put your technical skills, such as coding, use of APIs, etc., where they will be seen right away. If you have experience with skills such as web development platform, database management software, and development environment software then be sure to include them prominently.

Talk about your accomplishments

Here is where you can really stand out. In your experience section, include with each position (if possible) what you accomplished there. Try and make these accomplishments something tangible, something that can be measured and that shows how you can add real value to your prospective employer. Perhaps describe how many apps you have designed or a specific problem you solved at your previous job.


Take a look at the job posting and try to determine what the keywords are. “If a company receives a large volume of applications they may use software that scans for keywords to weed out irrelevant resumes. Your resume may not even be read if you fail to include these keywords, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to make sure they are in there,” advises Martha Curry, resume editor at PaperFellows.

Use writing and editing tools

Presentation and details are important on a resume; the hiring manager will see them as a reflection of the kind of work they can expect from you. Take advantage of these online writing and editing tools:

#1. State Of Writing and Writing Populist – These are grammar guides that can help you ensure you do not have any grammatical errors in your resume. Your resume will be discarded if it contains typos; it’s one of the easiest ways to weed candidates out.

#2. CV Service and Boomessays – These are useful resume writing tools, recommended by SimpleGrad in UK Writings review. Take advantage of these resources, because the last thing you need is to lose out on an opportunity because of a simple, and preventable, error.

#3. Via Writing and LetsGoAndLearn – Use these writing guides to create a well-written and polished resume. Your resume is seen as a reflection of yourself and your work quality, so make sure it’s polished.

#4. BigAssignments and EssayRoo – These are online career writing communities, suggested in Bigassignments.com review, where you can find lots of help completing your resume.

#5. My Writing Way and Academadvisor – These are useful writing blogs with lots of helpful and interesting content relevant to resume writing and editing.


You might think that you’re wealth of knowledge and experience is enough to get you that Android developer job. But without the proper resume, all your positive attributes don’t count for anything if they’re not viewed because you failed in a basic resume building task. Just follow these six keys and you’ll be able to write an Android developer resume that will impress hiring managers and get you that developer job.

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