Top Tips to Help You Make a Great First Impression- Infographic

When you are job hunting, there are many times when you need to make a really great first impression, including of course the job interview itself. You’ll be meeting all sorts of new people who you need to impress at the companies you hope will hire you, and no matter how desperate you are to get the job, you can’t let that be the first thing they notice about you.

Did you know it takes just 100 milliseconds for someone to form an initial impression of you and 30 seconds for them to decide whether you are intelligent? That’s how quickly you need to be exuding positivity, even if deep down you are full of nerves.

So here are some of the most important ways you can make a winning first impression:

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A firm handshake

In a formal situation like a job interview, the first thing you will do upon meeting the interviewers is shake their hands and this is where so many people make their first judgement. If you have a firm handshake, you are seen to be positive and outgoing, so grip their hands firmly for around 3-4 seconds and you will impress them.

No ahs and ums

In a stressful situation like a job interview, you need to think on your feet and a study has shown that people who speak more quickly appear more confident. However, thinking and speaking quickly is one thing, but managing to combine them without using filler words like ‘um’ and ‘ah’ has the opposite effect because they show hesitation. So be aware of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

Maintain eye contact

One thing it can be difficult to do in a job interview when you are nervous is to keep up the right amount of eye contact, but it’s very important. If you keep averting your eyes, you will come across as insincere, while maintaining contact makes you appear intelligent. Imagine there is a triangle around their eyes and mouth and don’t let your eyes stray from within that.

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These tips will help you nail the important first few moments of any big meeting or job interview and you can see more in this infographic from On Stride Financial. No matter how much else is on your mind when you arrive for your interview, don’t let a bad first impression undo all of your hard work and preparation.

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How to make a good first impression

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