6 Career Tips for Writers (Guest Post)

Writing is a skill and not everybody is adept in it naturally. But, nothing is impossible in this world. It can be refined with practice and gaining command on weak areas in writing. Anyone can master writing skill by strictly following the writing rules. Writing demands clear mind. A good writing is the exquisite presentation of words in a coherent way. An experienced writer is able to write in a coherent and concise manner. 6 career tips for writers are discussed in this article.

6 Career Tips for Writers
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1. Be Relaxed

Confusion and hesitation are the two main impediments to writing in a clear way. Writing can’t be done with confused mind. For this, you need to be relaxed and creative. Unique ideas can be processed when you are relaxed. Try to focus on topic in relaxed way and then write. Always choose clam and quiet places to write. Noisy environment can distract your thoughts and there is a risk that your writing can be compromised due to distraction. Calm places appease mind and better to write.

2. Be Imaginative

Imagination is the soul of wit and an integral part of writing. An imaginative mind can be a good writer. Writing represents ideas of the writer and when these ideas are presented in a creative way they have power to influence the readers. Imagination is very important for writing because it gives innovative and new ideas to writers. When these ideas are beautifully presented in a written form they have a pleasant effect on readers. Readers like imaginative writing because it is vivid and free of boredom and dryness.

3. Devote Your Time to Writing

Devotion is a step ahead to success. Extract time from your busy schedule and practice more and more on writing. Writing skill needs time and practice. It doesn’t enhance overnight and therefore, you should reserve some hours for improving your writing skills. Timing is very crucial, you should have determination to learn and excel in writing world. Be aware that practice can make you a successful writer in future.

4. Compare Your Writings

Compare your writing pieces regularly with your own writings. This will give a clear understanding about the level of improvement in your writing. Maintain a record of your daily writings and read them to point out the repeated mistakes to eliminate these errors in future. You can also consult any veteran writer for this matter who can tell you about your strengths and weaknesses in writing. It will also give you an idea about your improvement level.

5. Be Coherent and Concise

Writing should be coherent and concise in order to develop interest in readers. A long and lethargic writing is uninteresting. Try to adopt engaging style in which readers develop interest till the end of your essay or article. Ideas should be presented in a coherent and concise manner. There should be clarity in the ideas presented in your writing and all of these concepts are connected to each other.

6. Develop the Habit of Proofreading

Generally writers are unaware of their trivial mistakes because they don’t proofread their writings. Proofreading is an import gist of writing; it makes your writing flawless. Have a thorough reading and identify spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure the sentence structure is sound and all the paragraphs are written in transitional fashion.


These are 10 career tips for writers. It is a myth that writing is a God gifted talent and cannot be attained with practice. If you are determined and passionate about writing you can beat veteran writers as well. Writing is a skill and it can be improved with devotion and appropriate practice. Select calm places for your writing practices and choose different topics for writing. Be simple and concise in writing, avoid ambiguous words and try to write according to the topic. It will boost up your mastery level and you will also feel an efficient writer. Don’t lose hope at initial levels. Keep focusing on mistakes; learning from your mistakes makes you a competent writer. These tips are quite effective if implemented prudently in your daily routine.

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