Tips for Working with Recruiters and Getting Placed Easily

You need to learn many things before working with recruiters. You need to know the best practice before you start working with them. Understanding how the recruiters work, what they really think, what they ignore and what they care about can help you in gaining their attention and employer submission.

When you ignore the needs of recruiters, you lessen your chances of getting in the front row; this directly means that you reduce the number of times your resume gets in the hands of hiring managers.

tips to work with recruiter

At the end of the process, recruiters are blamed, and they are called unprofessional and rude, instead of understanding why recruiters don’t put their finger on you.

You will surely get better results from the recruiters when you know and understand the best practices that work for you. Below are few tips that will help you:

Recruiters don’t work for you

Recruiter’s don’t work for you; they work for the employer. You should be clear about this point. You are just an inventory for them, so please get used to it. Surely, there are many recruiters, but why unnecessarily complicate things?


Be quick to respond back

The first candidate recruiters present would be the first candidate spoken for the job. The recruiters have limited submissions they can make to the hiring managers. You need to be quick in responding back or else you might lose the golden chance.

Recruiters don’t like to get involved with career changers

The job of a recruiter is to find a perfect match for the employer. Employers don’t ask recruiters to get career changers. The employers want recruiters to find a person from the same industry and have the similar kind of job function. Thus, whenever you meet a recruiter, don’t start your discussion with your goals of changing careers or else you will never be called again by the recruiter.

Recruiters play safe

Recruiters play safe; they only communicate with the candidates that have the best chance of placing. If the recruiters don’t feel that they have a good match for you, you won’t hear from them. The job of a recruiter is to stay in touch with the hiring managers and only with those candidates that have good chance of being placed. If you are not called by them, they are not trying to place you.


You have made a wrong choice

It might be possible that you are working with a wrong recruiter. Every recruiter has a specialty. Any recruiters who have specialization in your industry or job can hire many people each year. Many recruiters even work nationally, and they might not be placed in your city. But they can work best for you because they fill many jobs that you are likely to qualify for. So if you fail, you are not working with the right recruiter. So, better change your recruiter and wash your hands off.

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