10 Easy Steps to Get Promoted at Workplace

Climbing up the career ladder is crucial for a successful professional life. However, promotions are a complicated affair. You need to do lot more than merely working hard. Correct behavior and smart work are considered the golden keys that can grab you the coveted position you feel you are qualified for and so rightly deserve.

Here we discuss the attributes that can help you get promoted over your peers. If you can implement these in your work life you are more likely to be the management's pick when the opportunity occurs.

how to get promoted at workplace


1. Make your work visible

Doing good work is not enough anymore. You need to make a subtle promotion of it too. Make sure the management knows about your extraordinary performance in a project/ situation. Send email or talk about it but do not brag in front of your seniors else it may work against you. Document your accomplishments so you can remember to discuss about the same during performance assessment.

2. Exhibit leadership qualities

Leadership Qualities

Whether you are born with it or have acquired it over time, you are your boss’s favorite if you have leadership skills in you. People who are willing to take an initiative and fulfill the task – not talk about, not discuss, not analyze – but get it done, definitely have better scope in growing in an organization.

3. Demonstrate efficiency by prioritizing work and meeting deadlines

Tips to Prioritizing Work
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An employee who is capable of finishing the given task or job in the said time limit, despite how challenging it is, is a great sign that they are ready to move on to the next level. Getting things done efficiently and meeting deadlines are some of the skills every employer looks out for.

4. Have a positive outlook

A positive attitude can take a person a long way. Specifically if you are moving towards a leadership role, it is important that you are able to motivate the people around you. As a manager, you have the power to set the right mood for the team, and negative energy will bring down your employees’ morale.

5. Take feedback constructively

How To Take Feedback for Your Work

Taking feedback positively is a sign that you are open to growth, and growth and promotion always go hand in hand. Be open to the feedback from your employer and work on it to improve yourself.

6. Conduct yourself professionally

Display professionalism at all times. Dress appropriately, be approachable to colleagues and your juniors, speak well, appear suave when socializing, be open to feedback, welcome suggestions and ideas and work with conviction.


7. Be a team player

Qualities of a Team Player

Working in an organisation is all about teamwork as there is only so much you can achieve alone. Being a team player is quite important and one of the fundamentals of being a successful employee.

8. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence and empathy are considered significant in the leaders of today. Staying calm under pressure, being open to criticism, being a good listener, making thoughtful decision and being empathetic to others are some of qualities that may help you bag a leadership role.

9. Understand that the team growth would lead to your growth

meaning of TEAM

It is given that promotion means personal gain however you must know that with great power comes great responsibility. The higher you go up the career ladder, the more it is about the organizational growth. Management picks those for promotion who understand that their promotion is an upward movement for the best of the company and do not merely consider it as an individual achievement.

10. Respect the management and your employer

Keep calm and respect your boss

It is imperative that, as an employee, you respect your employers, be it your boss or the management. Be civilized and respectful towards them, do not gossip about your employer, and be open to criticism and feedback from them. Conflicts, if any, need to be solved in a mature and amicable manner. 

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