11 Crucial Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

Like everyone else, you spend half of your time as working hours. So it’s important to know that whether your investment of time is getting enough return or not. You are loving the job or just surviving to pass through miserable hours of your life. Well if you are getting the negative vibes  at your job, following 11 signs should be considered while taking the decision to quit your job sooner rather than later.

11 signs its time to quit your job

1. Your passion is lost

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Don’t you get excited about the working or new project? Well, it’s the time when you need to rethink about your job. No matter how much you adore the office but if you don’t feel passionate about the job, it's neither going to add value to the organization nor to your career.

2. Miserability is your working partner

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Well, when your pleasant mornings become the part of the past and you feel dread to go to work and you are being miserable for all the working time. It’s the time to get the smile back.

3. Your skills conquer the superior’s skills

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None can override the headache of working with the boss, who knows less than you. But it’s more than a headache because the one who don't have decisive abilities, he’s running the whole organization and also taking the decision on part of you too. It seems quite risky for your career.

4. You don’t share the same missions

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If your organization and you don’t have the same goals, it’s not the right track for you. Working with them might be the worst scenario for your job goals.

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5. It breaks your confidence

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The work result is the backbone of your career, but you constantly feel that you can’t win at working place or your skills are unappreciated. The same will lead to the situation where you don’t have faith in own working or skill, so it’s the time to move on.

6. It’s just a money game now

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Well, everyone works for money, so you. But money isn’t only job satisfaction. It's a bit more than that it, a person not only needs growth, personal development, knowledge, challenges but also motivation and appreciation. Working in isolation will leads you to an unhappy job.

7. Major Layoff is knocking the company’s door

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When the company is planning to reduce its human resources on the basis of various reasons such as new technology, cost cutting or corporate restructuring. It’s the time when you should evaluate the risk associated with your job and if it shows red alert, you should quit your job.

8. You can’t see your future at the company

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Working with a company should have some rewards such as more responsibilities, returns and rewards and opportunity to grow up. If you don’t find anything at your workplace, it’s high time to rethink about continuing the job which commits no future for you.


9. Sinking ship can’t save you

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Well if you are observing that company is being financially ill and it requires the approval of minor expenses or the management acting in suspicious about the going concern concept. It’s the clear indication of winding up of the company and also that you should start searching new job.

10. No Personal life

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When your work-life balance is disturbed, your professional stress is ruining the happiness of personal life. It’s the reason to quit the job as no one wants a life where everything messed including the personal life!

11. Being Harassed is an option, not a compulsion

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The self-dignity comes before the job, if you are facing the mental or physical harassment, you should take the help of management before choosing to quit the job. But if there is no permanent solution for that, it’s better to quit the job.


The above are the common factors which indicates the reasons that will lead to job quitting. But if it creates chaos in your life, you can always spend the time to think about continuing the job.

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