How to Decode a Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

Putting together a successful resume can be difficult. It’s crucial to tout your accomplishments without seeming arrogant and to delve into work history without over complicating. The strictest resume experts will tell you that you want a clean and clear piece devoid of embellishment. And while the 1-page resume rule is no longer gospel, most still say that you want to stick to a page for approximately every 10 years of work.

With that in mind, it is useful to consider a resume a “greatest hits” document that delivers a clear and concise overview of your skills. To make this possible, you want to avoid using general language that falls into the category of cliché.

Always consider your audience and what a hiring manager might interpret from vagaries and business-speak. Phrasing like “detail-oriented” or “team player” are not only overused, they create an image that you do not want to convey.  Think you are delivering a strong message with a phrase like “thinking outside the box”? Think again. What a hiring manager will hear when you say that is: “doesn’t follow directions.” Other potential terms to avoid include:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • A perfect fit for your team
  • Synergy
  • Jack of all trades
  • Willing to put in extra work
  • Thought leadership
  • Self-motivated

This handy EBI infographic can interpret what each of these resume phrases translates to when picked up by a hiring manager. In addition, the graphic lets you know a better way to construct your phrasing. It all boils down to one simple rule – always be specific. It’s imperative to demonstrate your skills with actual examples rather than loose buzzwords.

A couple of additional resume tips:

  • Quantification is key – add numbers (even approximate numbers) when possible.
  • Consider the recognizable names or companies you have interacted with in your position and make sure to mention them.

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How to Decode a Resume- Infographic

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