7 Secrets of Hiring Managers You Should Know

You must have received the call for your dream job. As everyone else, you are also excited about your job and want to stand out from others. The next step towards your job is getting through the hiring process. And for that, you need to understand the requirements of the hiring manager to hire the right employee. Well, the below are the few secrets that will help you know your interviewer better and to rock in the interview.

Seven secrets of hiring managers
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1. We REALLY know you.

Well, hiring managers dig your background really hard. They keep their eyes on your social media profiles and ears on the comments you have passed regarding the previous employers. So make sure that you have kept your profiles ready for the interview.

Pro Tip:-

Check your virtual identities through the eyes of the interviewer and delete all the post which may become hurdles in your way.

2. I want an Employee, not Family man.

While hiring the employees, the hiring managers take the family facts quite seriously. If you are fresher with the wedding ring, it can lessen the chances of getting the job. Further, few companies employ the people who don’t have responsibilities of kids, so that they can give extra hours to the company without any excuses.

Pro Tip:-

Leave your ring in the bag and remember that you are not bothered to reveal your relationship status!

3. Your LOOKS will say a lot about you.

The first impression is the last impression. Well, you know this quote, but forget to apply. Get ready to be the potential employee; don’t walk in like a college boy. How you are representing yourself is showing your seriousness towards the job.

Pro Tip:-

Do research about the company’s culture and dressing antiquates, get ready accordingly!


4. We tired of hearing memorized answers.

Well, you are not the only one to whom the hiring manager is interviewing and he must be tired of hearing the memorized answers such as I am the perfectionist or Team player. Rather than repeating the answers they already know, answer distinctively.

Pro Tip:-

Be yourself and try to reply in own words; instead of speaking memorized answers let them have a glimpse of skills through examples.

5. We don’t need someone who doesn't know what is the business.

The Hiring Managers want you to know about the company’s business. They will surely ask you the questions related to the company or ask your views about the latest media highlights of the company. Unsatisfied answers may cost you much, so be prepared.

Pro Tip:-

Do your homework perfectly, keep the eye on the industry and company news.

6. We hire the most eligible person, not the most qualified.

More often it happens that the perfectly qualified person won’t get the job, rather less qualified person get the chance. Here the hiring managers don’t just take your qualifications while making the decisions they also count other factors such as your attitude and passion towards the work. So be the eligible person.

Pro Tip:- 

Try to focus on other aspects also, develop the lacking abilities for getting the eligibility. 

7. We are working hard to be liked by you.

During the job interview recruiter also on the same boat and they are also trying to impress you. So make sure that you are valuing their efforts and not making them feel like any other company where you are approaching. Let them feel that you are really looking forward to working with them.

Pro Tip:-

Appreciate the interviewer and have some gratitude. 

The above are the seven secrets that will help you to get though the interviews impressively. Be prepared to get selected!

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