What to Research for a Company Before a Job Interview?

You might have got interview call for the dream job and you have done with working on your skills and resume so as others. Now it’s time to be a bit extra from others i.e. by researching and enhancing your knowledge. It will not just boost up your confidence but also leave a good impression on your potential employers. Keep the following seven points in your mind while learning about a company for the job interview.

7 things to research for a company before the job interview

1. Know your potential workplace

Knowing the future of the company
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Usually, in the interview, the questions related to the organization could be asked. So you should know basic information about the company such as history, owners, policies, products, services etc. you can easily found out the same on the company’s website or Wikipedia. You have to be clear and pleasant while explaining the about the company, the researching will also help you about your question list you are preparing for an interview. Show some enthusiasm, and understand the organization.

2. Research & Relate with mission and vision

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Each company has established vision and mission, the goals to be reached. You can understand the mission and goals, by going through company’s website/ social media profiles. While exploring the company’s goals you will also understand the company’s future projects. This will also help you in deciding that is it the place where your career will have the perfect path or not.

3. Who are the Key managerial personals

Making connection with the manager of the company
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The management is the heart of any company and its wealth maximization. Further, some of them may be in your interviewing panel, so get some information about them, their full name and delegation, if they have got some recognized award in the industry. You can get information from LinkedIn or Twitter; this will help you to know their views about working of the company.

4. Advantageous Insider

Know the benefits to work with the company
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If you have some contacts within the organization, it can be favor full to you. This can have you the information about how the organization works, the people, culture of the organization, future forecasting etc. If you don’t have any contacts within the organization, you can ask your LinkedIn contacts or relatives or friends or professionals such as Bankers, Accountants. They can have some contacts which will help you.

5. Financial health

Check for financial health of the company
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Before visiting the interview, have an eye on the latest financial records of the company. The position of the company within the industry, any material changes in the organization's structure or any events such as merger or acquisitions, you should have an idea about the company’s performance.

6. Corporate Culture

Corporate company culture
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Usually, the job seekers are ready to fit in any organization's culture. But knowing the culture of the organization, you can understand the whether the organization is following the strict or friendly approach while working and set your interview answers accordingly. You can have an idea about the culture from the company’s social media posts.

7. Is the company is in news?

People watching that the Company in the news!
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Before heading to the interview, know the latest news about the company. For that, you can Google the company’s name. Further, by researching the news of the company, you can mention company’s achievements during the interview. If there is anything which can harm your career in future, you can think about it at the time before joining the organization.

The above are some points you should have gone through before appearing in the interview. The good knowledge about the organization will make you more confident and the interviewer happy.  

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